Nile Business City

Very limited time offer

Introducing the strongest and best three payment systems that guarantee you the highest investment return from the first day: “Nile Guarantee”, “Nile Guarantee++” and Nile Partner, in the third tallest tower in Africa.

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The first system “Nile Guarantee” You can contract with normal payment systems and sign your unit lease contract for a period of 9 years, starting after receipt.

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The second system “Nile Guarantee ++” Pay 100% of the unit value and we will rent it from you immediately until receipt at 15% annually and after receipt.

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The third system “Nile Partner” is the system of the Nile Company’s participation with the customer by 50% with a mandatory lease contract for your unit after receipt.


The Nile Developments Company chose a unique site for Nile Business City to be the center of the tourist towers in half, and it is in its center, the highest tower in the Downtown area, and it was built to enjoy the following specifications:

  • 1

    One non-repeatable project, the largest vertical city in Africa, with a built-up area of ???????????? thousand square meters.

  • 2

    The width of its facade is ???????????? meters on the northern axis of Bin Zayed, right in the middle of the Green River.

  • 3

    The guaranteed traffic from ????????: ???????? thousand daily visitors to the mall from employees and guests who are present on a daily basis in the highest and largest vertical city in Africa Nile Business City (???????????? thousand square meters) and their priority will be to Nile City Center.

  • 4

    Ranked as the third tallest African skyscraper after the second “Leonardo Tower”, which reached a height of 234 meters.

  • 5

    The largest garage has a capacity of 5 floors, with a capacity of 4000 cars.

  • 6

    One non-repeating design is ???? towers and a design of the highest quality conforming to all international specifications.

The area of its units is varied

The area of its units varies. Nile Business City offers “Mixed Use” units for all activities and purposes in the following areas:

33 M

Minimum spaces The units are 33 square meters.

3000 M

Provides spaces for major companies starting from 200 square meters and up to 3000 square meters.

Nile Developments

We gathered the largest experts, consultants and houses of expertise in the construction and real estate market in Egypt and the Arab world, where the following companies were contracted: